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Massage by Leslie Dees - Bringing advanced massage treatments to you.
Client Observation

    Several years ago I was treated for cancer in the neck area, after a few years my muscles in my neck and shoulders began to harden, my skin became very red and tight, to the point I was loosing motion moving my head left and right, not being able to open my mouth very wide and at times my muscles would tighten to the point my voice would change. I was treated by a chiropractor and this did not solve my problems, he used electric therapy, swedish massage and stretching. It did not work, in fact after I told my doctor what I was having done he suggested I stop. The tightening from radiation was continuing and my wife said we had find something to help me, that is when she found Leslie Dees. It was a blessing. Leslie has customized a massage for me and has been working with me for several months now, she was coming once a week for an hour, but I am progressing so well, that now we have her come twice a week. My progress has been nothing but amazing, I felt and saw results after the first massage, and my progress continues. I can turn my head, the skin now has good circulation and movement, I can open my mouth wider and my muscles are recovering. I look forward to Leslie coming every week. Leslie is dedicated to your well being in every way, she has the knowledge and intuition to be a true healer. I highly recommend her and cannot Thank her enough for what she has done for me and continues to do for me. 

Tom    July 27, 2014 

P.S. Leslie is now giving my wife a lymphatic every week and she loves it and looks forward to it.

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